BPI Crime Investigations is an organized crime investigation and criminal intelligence consultancy on behalf of embassies and companies around the world.
BPI Crimes Against Humanity is aware of the need to change the criminal investigations process, toward to an modern-day investigative method and mindset: BPI Crimes Against Humanity is therefore also active for international Crimes Against Humanity organizations.

There is a link between conflict and conflict -prevention worldwide..., and the need of gathering intelligence from the field in areas outside the control of friendly forces.
BPI Crimes Against Humanity is managing complex multi-disciplinary intelligence and criminal investigations, environment and crimes against humanity, among others.

Where development coorperations has a strategic role to play in strengthening the capacities to manage conflicts in an peaceful way.
Environment and Crimes Against Humanity organizations has a strategic role to play in enhancing nature and all those people and creatures that inhabit it.

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BPI Crime Investigations provides special forces knowledge and experience, effective investigation skills an intelligence capabilities.