BPI Crime Investigations is an intelligence and investigation service that collaborates worldwide with various governments and embassies.
BPI specialize in investigating organized criminal activities, gathering criminal intelligence and investigating and preventing terrorist offences.

BPI Crime Investigations has built a unique global network and capabilities, knowledge and experience, but is also aware of the need to switch toward to a modern-day mindset in case of organnized crime activities!

Organized crime worldwide is considered to be a changing and flexible phenomenon. Many of the benefits of globalization such as easier and faster communication, movement of finances and international traveling, have also created opportunities for trannational organized criminal groups to flourish, diversify and expand their activities.

Traditional, territorial- based criminal groups have evolved or have been partially replaced by smaller and more flexible networks with branches across countries and jurisdictions.
In the course of an investigation, victims, suspects, organized criminal groups and proceeds of crime may be located across the society of countries.
Moreover, organized crime affects all countries, whether as countries of supply, transit or demand. As such, modern organized crime constitutes a globall challenge that must be met with a concerted, global response.

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BPI Crime Investigations provides special forces knowledge and experience, effective investigation skills an intelligence capabilities.