BPI Crime Investigations is an organized crime investigation and criminal intelligence consultancy on behalf of embassies and companies around the world.
BPI Crime Investigation is a multifaceted, problem-solving challenge and is aware of the need to redirect the investigation process, toward to a modern investigation method and mindset.
Arriving at the scene of a crime... often requires an investigator to quickly make critical decisions based on limited information in a dynamic environment of active and evolving events.

After a criminal event is over, the investigator is expected to preserve the crime scene, collect the evidence, and devise an investigative plan that will lead to forming of reasonable grounds to identify the person(s), or those responsible for the crime.
To meet these challenges, through training and experience, investigators learn investigative processes to develop investigative plans and prioritize responses.

BPI Crime Investigation is not just a set of task skills, it is equally a set of thinking skills!
To become an effective crime investigator, these skills need to be understood and developed until they are used, and go to through the problem-solving process that is criminal investigations.

Trained thinking and response can be difficult!

BPI Crime Investigation consists of a international and mixed gender team of highly trained former federal investigators and intelligence experts, and is perfectly equipped to work through the process that is criminal investigation.

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BPI Crime Investigations provides special forces knowledge and experience, effective investigation skills an intelligence capabilities. That's what BPI Crime Investigations is.