Counterintelligence is information gathered and activities conducted to protect against espionage an other intelligence activities or sabotage conducted by or on behalf of governments or organizations, persons and international terrorist activities.
Counterintelligence has both a defensive mission - to protect national secrets and international corporate investments from aggressive intelligence operations - and an offensive mission - finding out what attackers are up to and then proceed with the problem-solving process.

BPI Criminal Investigation CEO, is an counterterrorisme expert, an trained specialist in counterintelligence operations and criminal investigation, an specialist in his field who has conducted global assignments for the US Government and their Embassies.

BPI Criminal Investigation believes that multidisciplinary counter-intelligence operations in conjunction with criminal investigation is an multifaceted, problem-solving challenge, combining task skills and thinking skills.

Trained thinking can be difficult. To become a skilled and experienced multidisciplinary counterintelligence specialist, counterintelligence methods need to be understood and developed to the point where they are intentionally engaged to go through the problem solving process that is counterintelligence.

BPI Criminal Investigation has built an unique worldwide network and capabilities, and has access to highly trained experts in counterintelligence operations. Special Forces veterans who have combined their military skills with the counterintelligence skills acquired within the US Government.

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