BPI Criminal Investigation believes that the organized crime communitiy is considered to be a changing and flexible phenomenon.
Many of the benefits of globalization..., such as easier and faster communication, the movement of finance and international travel, have created opportunities for crime groups to flourish, diversify and expand their activities.

Traditional, territorial- based criminal groups have evolved or have been partially replaced by smaller and more flexible networks with branches across countries and jurisdictions.
In the course of an investigation, victims, suspects, organized criminal groups and proceeds of crime may be located across the society of countries.
Moreover, organized crime affects all countries, whether as countries of supply, transit or demand. As such, modern organized crime constitutes a globall challenge that must be met with a concerted, global response.

BPI Criminal Investigation has built an unique worldwide network and capabilities, and has access to highly trained former federal investigators. we specialize in decision-making tactics, and decisive action on a battlefield of crime investigation worldwide. In short; We shutting down their businesses!

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