BPI Criminal Investigation CEO, grew up in he city of The Haque, in the Netherlands, and studied Political Science at the University of Amsterdam, International Relations and International Law, and obtained his propaedeutic degree in Law at the same university.

BPI Criminal Investigation CEO speaking.

During my militiary service, I enlisted in the Special Forces in the early 1980s, and in 1990, I began working for the United States Government. After graduating from the Federal Bureau of Investigation Academy,
I have worked in a variety of positions and countries, all counterintelligence and crime investigation related.

With 40 years' experience, primarily military, counterintelligence operations and investigative matters, I,ve had five separate careers, each building on the expertise I,ve gained in previous assignments.
I learned an inormous amount about the field of international relations...., but I also learned so much about politicians and people, systems, critical thinking and topics as divers as sanctions to biography to satellites.

BPI Criminal Investigation is a highly specialized crime investigation and counterintelligence agency with big business capabilities. Trough our crime investigative process, counterintelligence operations and exfiltration services, we protect investments and secrets for both government and international companies.

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