The idea of intelligence and investigation consultancy that excaly works-delevering great ideas, ensuring that our recommendations are practically executable, and helping clients advance-drives all that we do, from the way we work with our clients to the way we operate internally.

BPI Recherche is a global consulting firm that helps government, leading organizations and private persons advance in three key areas: Intelligence and counter -intelligence, criminal investigation, and infiltration and exfiltration strategy and operations... Headquartered in the The Hague, "Netherlands", we are an integrated group of experts, industry leaders, and professionals working beyond borders and disciplines.. We harness our collective expertise to deliver the inspired insights and practical strategies our clients need to stay ahead of what's next.

We have in-dept experiance across a wide range of industries and markets, from construction and energy, to technology and healthcare. No matter what sector your business is in, we have experienced experts who understand the challenges you face-making us better equipped to help solve them.