BPI Recherche Intelligence Operations & Crime Investigations is entrepreneurial, collaborative and transperant -supported by a strong infrastructure. We're a team of many individual talents, bound by one common ethos and a determination to help understand all sides of the answer.

As wone of the top intelligence consultancys.., BPI Recherche Intelligence Services provides governments, and companies, and other intelligence consumers with the critical information to making well-informed legal and business decisions to compete in these complex operating environments. Our professionals possess a wide range of skills and diciplines and include former prosecutors, state law enforcement officials, targeted intellligence experts, law firm partners, as well as forensic accountants, computer forensics and technology consultants, data analystics specialist, cybersecurity experts, litigation support -professionals, governance and regulatory experts, and industry experts.

BPI Recherche multidisciplinary team has deep experiance in consumer goods, education, energy, financial services, gaming, healthcare, legal practice, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, private equity, technology, and telecommunications and media. Our proffesionals have conducted investigations throughout North America, Latin America, Europe, The Middler East, Africa, and Asia-Pacific. Our team leverage depht and breadth of experiance with sophisticated analytical tools and industry expertise... to provide solutions to complex legal, and regulator matters.

BPI Recherche professionals have been involved in high-profile investigation and intelligence engagement, serving as trusted advisor to governments, companies, financial clients, and firms arround the world... They have advised clients on multijurisdictional regulatory inquiries and investigation, compliance isseus, dufficult business transactions, and high-stakes litigation.

BPI Recherche Intelligence Services are premised on the notion that information and knowlegde are critical to making informed decisions and avoiding unnessary risk. Whether in a dispute, contemplating a business transaction, assessing a system of compliance or governance..., or the focus of a civil or criminal regulator inquiry, devoloping the salient facts, understanding them, and placing them in context is key to successfully resolving an issue. Our professionals uncover facts and devolop cutting-edge strategies to advise clients in adressing their most significant challenges.