Recherchebureau BPI - Intelligence and Investigation is a globally operating detective firm, that provides organizations in three key functional disciplines: Criminal Investigations and Business Support. As well as strategic and tactical, and technical and operational threat Intelligence.

BPI Recherche Intelligence and Investigation Service is an global operating detective firm that helps leading organizations advance in three key areas: Intelligence and counter intelligence support, business disputes and investigations, and security strategy operations.

Headquartered in The Netherlands, we are a integrated group of experts, industry leaders, academics, data scientist, and professionals working beyond borders and disciplines. We harness our collective expertise to deliver the inspired and practical strategies our clients need to stay ahead of what's next.

Leading organizations turn to BPI Recherche Intelligence and Investigation Service because of our ability to find answers to
questions... Using our investigative, intelligence and analystic skills. Our expert teams can quickly develop a strategy designed to identify sources of information responsibility for critical situations.
BPI Recherche expert teams can move swiftly and effectively to find facts, recover losses and mitigate risk. We count among clients the world's leading business, their boards of directors, law firms, investment firms, non- profit organizations, educational institutions, multinational banks and government entities.

At the request of the client..., BPI Recherche Intelligence and Investigation Service is working cooperatively with senior management and legal counsel, and government agencies during all phases of an assignment.

BPI Recherche Investigation and Intelligence Service are led by senior, former special forces, professionals with extensive experience managing complex, multidisciplinary intelligence and investigations operations to ensure the like hood of identifying and reporting all of the salient facts in an independent, lawful and ethical manner. Our findings and reports have enabled clients to resolve official inquiries, address corporate crises and report to shareholders.

We regularly leave our office. For contact please use international number 031 -  6417 55 907.