Recherchebureau BPI Special Investigations: Counterintelligence activity is an conglomerate of discipline and skills. Recherchebureau BPI is designed around this model.

Recherchebureau BPI Special Investigations Unit are premised on the notion that (Foreign) agressor and opponent, even business associate, friend or foe, is an potential non- traditional adversary; and no one, even friendly, should get an lifetime pass from offensive Counterintelligence operations.

Any CounterIntelligence activity that is passive will fail. You cannot hunker down in defensive mode and wait for things to happen. Recherchebureau BPI Special Investigations Unit believes business -organisations and government are spending far too much money on fences, alarmsystem and purely defensive measures to protect there secrets. That is not how we have been hurt in the past thirty years! Spies have hurt us. Our mindset should be relentlessly offensive. You need to go after your counterintelligence adversaries.

Recherchebureau BPI Special Investigations Unit do not ignore analysis... Generally speaking; government and business -organisation make bad analyst. We are different kinds of people; Our best times are away from our desks. We love the street! Recherchebureau BPI Special Investigations own the street!

Recherchebureau BPI own the street. This is fundamental to all intelligence activities, but it is probably the least followed of the tenth commandment of CounterIntelligence. Any offensive counter intelligence program worthy of the name has to be able to engage the opposition on the street; If you are beaten on the street..., it is worse than not having been there at all.

Offensive CounterIntelligence is an conglomerate of disciplines and skills. A typical operation might include analysts, surveillance specialist, case officers, technical experts, and double agent specialist..., and that means a sustained investment in training. Recherchebureau BPI Special Investigations is designed around this model, combining professionals from each specialism.