Recherchebureau: BPI Recherche Intelligence & Investigation... consistently providing multiple government and diplomatic officials with professional investigative consulting expertise.

Recherchebureau: BPI Recherche Intelligence & Investigation are premised on the notion... that accurate information, knowlegde and insight are critical to making informed decisions and avoid risk.

Every day..., new clients contacts BPI Recherche Intelligence & Investigation with concerns about fraud, IP theft, financial improprieties, corruption, bribery, counterfeiting, workplace violence and treath of cybercrime or data breaches ask us to assist them in finding answers to questions.

Organizations, and their counsel... and government officials turn to BPI Recherche because of our ability to find answers to questions. Using our investigative and analytic skills.. Our expert teams can quickly develop an investigative strategy designed to identify sources of information and responsibility for wrongdoing... BPI Recherche expert teams can move swifly and effectively to find facts, recover losses and mitigate risk... We count among clients the world's leading bussines, their boards of directors, law firms, investment firms, non- profit organizations, educational institutions, multinational banks and government entities.

BPI Recherche frequently conducts corporate investigations for agencies who have self-reported..... or areĀ  working cooperatively with government agencies with the approvel and support of those agencies. We work closely with our clients' senior management and legal counsel during all phases of an internal investigation. Our findings and reports have enabled clients to resolve official inquiries, adress corporate crises, report to shareholders and other interested parties.

BPI Recherche global investigation teams are comprised of former law enforcement professionals, forensic accountants, security investigators, computer forensic specialist and targeted intelligence analysts, among others... BPI Recherche investigations are led by senior professionals with extensive experience managing complex, multidisciplinary investigations to ensure the likehood of identifying and reporting all of the salient facts in an independent, lawful and ethical manner.

Recherchebureau: BPI Recherche Intelligence & Investigation. Call within the Netherlands: 06-417 55 907. Call from outside the Netherlands: 0031-6417 55 907.