Recherchebureau: BPI Recherche Intelligence & Investigation is a leading detective agency in the key areas: intelligence and counterintelligence, investigating and infiltration operations.

Recherchebureau: BPI Recherche Intelligence & Investigation are premised on the notion... that accurate information, knowlegde and insight are critical to making informed decisions and avoid risk.

Headquartered in The Hague, The Netherland, we are an integrated group of experts, industry leaders, and professionals working beyond borders and disciplines... and we know a carreer in politics is hard to say at least. Most people do not have a clue of what is involved in getting elected... even to a small local office. They have no idea of the investment or the level of risk that you face.

Politics is all about shaping belief in the voter's minds.... That is no secret!!! The better your people are at predicting belief and modeling it into a format that supports your campaign.., the more succesful you will be. Election history has undisputedly proven this... The question you face as professional political figure is this: How do you get the best people on your side and focused on your campaign? Your party has a system of 'groomed' professionals for this, and that is one option. But 'groomed' means predictable.

Specialist from BPI Recherche Intelligence & Investigation are far less predictable because they will operate specifically based on your campaign's success requirements and mission... As the campaign progresses trough its many phases, the team adapts to each phase and is ready to support your needs.

BPI Recherche Intelligence & Investigation has become the deciding factor in elections at all levels... You owe it to yourselff and your supporters to obtain the highest level of empowering resources available so that your campaign can run cleanly, with the most solid foundation.

"A Private Operation Intelligence Team" is the most solid foundation available anywhere. Your opposition will not catch you by suprise and no one will be ablle to sneak up on you and embarrass you politically. You will know they are coming and will have a response that is engineered to destroy the basis of the belief they are trying to plant. This is - Elite Cognitive Strategy - and few candidates have had this one their side until now. Stack the deck in your favor by knowing more than you opposition.

Recherchebureau: BPI Recherche Intelligence & Investigation. Call within the Netherlands: 06-417 55 907. Call from outside the Netherlands: 0031-6417 55 907.