Recherchebureau BPI Criminal Investigation - crime investigations and multidisciplinary counterintelligence operations around the world, that's what we do!

BPI Criminal Investigation is a counterintelligence and crime investigation authority thats works on behalf of the United States Embassies and Crimes Against Humanity organization worldwide, as well as the Medicins Sans Frontières organization, internationally none as Doctors Without Borders, when threatened by crime, terrorist, environmental or religiously motivated threats.

Embassies, development aid organizations and the Crimes Against Humanity organization, can only do their job if they have reliable and up-to-date intelligence from areas beyond the control of allied forces. This also applies to the international business community.
BPI Criminal investigation also works on behalf of international companies, that can only do their job if they can trust that their investments are protected and secrets remain secret.

Arriving at the scene of a crime, a trainend and experienced detective is required to make critical decisions quickly, based on limited information in an dynamic environment and changing events.
To meet challenges, BPI Criminal Investigation is a graduate of the Federal Bureau of Investigation school, and a unique global network of highly trained former federal investigators and Special Forces Veterans who have combined their military skills with the criminal investigation skills gained within the US Government.

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