BPI Crime Investigations is an intelligence and investigation service that collaborates worldwide with various governments and embassies and specializes in investigating organized criminal activities, gathering criminal intelligence and investigating and preventing terrorist offences.

BPI Crime Investigations has built a unique global network and capabilities, knowledge and experience, but is also aware of the need to change toward to a modern-day mindset.
Successful with various projects we recently become active for Crimes Against Humanity Organizations.. We are engaged in the intercepting of voice data communications and collecting, analyzing and dissemminating intelligence.

BPI Crime Investigations focuses on the problem solving process that is crime investigation and intelligence gathering, it is designed from the experience that crime investigation and criminal intelligence are not just a set of task skills but actually a set of thinking skills. However, trainend thinking and response can be dificult.

To become an effective investigator, crime investigation and intelligence methods need be understood and developed until they are used and go through the investigative process. BPI Crime Investigations consists of former government detectives, intelligence experts and veteran of the Special Forces: an selected team of experts who operate globally and with discipline.

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BPI Crime Investigations provides special forces knowledge and experience, effective investigation skills an intelligence capabilities.