Located in the historical center of The Hague.. is BPI Recherche Intelligence & Investigation an intelligence -driven recherchebureau an detective organization. Crime investigation is what we do. Gathering facts and evidence to providing information, prevent and solve crimes.

The most visited site in The Hague may very well be the Binnenhof. This Inner Court situated in the heart of the city, is the historical center of government (Netherlands). BPI Recherche Intelligence & Investigation is an detective organization, providing the five components of the intelligence cycle. "the proces of collecting, analyzing and classifying intelligence"... and produces reports, briefings, and papers on key intelligence to multiple government and diplomatic officials. BPI Recherche are located near the Binnenhof.

BPI Recherche conduct professional detective investigative consulting expertise "the process of tracing and interrogating suspects, collecting and analyzing information and evidence, and assist multiple governments and diplomatic officials.. in legal proceedings. Our strenght lies in the collaborative focus, ingenuity, passion and variety of skills of people we work with. Quit, consistency, professional. Every day.

BPI Recherche works every day with analyst, doctors and scientist around the globe. Bringing evidence and innovation. BPI Recherche also includes specialist with targeted skills such as undercover... and exfiltration (military) skills, as well as security and criminal investigation, and support generalist who can demonstrate a wide array of talent and acumen.

BPI Recherche are premised on the notion that accurate information.., knowlegde and insight are critical to making informed decisions and avoid risk... Whether in a detective investigation, contemplating a business transaction, assessing a compliance or governance system or evaluating a civil or criminal regulator inquiry, understanding the facts in the appropriate context is key to resolving an isseu.

Succesful outcomes in complex, contentious situations frequenly require the real-time integration of findings from key functional disciplines. BPI Recherche is designed around this model, combining professionals from each specialism. This enables us to deeply understand a client business an provide a bespoke approach.

BPI Recherche Intelligence & Investigation (031) 06-417 55 907.