BPI Special Reconnaissance consist an globally supported Commando Veteran Workforce with experience within counter- espionage, undercover attacks and intelligence operations.

BPI Special Reconnaissance is an "Veteran Workforce" with large business capabilities. Through counter- espionage, undercover- and counter intelligence-support. We protecting everything on the planet through professional services ranging. From corporate customer to government, and from globally shipping-firms to financial and national security operations, BPI Special Reconnaissance is protecting investments.

BPI Special Reconnaissance is led by an CEO with 27 years' of experience within the Intelligence structure of the U.S. Government, graduate of the FBI National Academy Quantico, and recipient of several awards.

United We Conquer... In memory of the Commandos who died in conflicts around the world.

BPI  Special Reconnaissance is supported by an "Army Veteran Workforce". As an mid-market company, we fuel the economy with global jobs. Our integrated solutions helps business, organizational enterprises, the intelligence community, universities and multiple government to meet mission goals and objectives.

BPI Special Reconnaissance; we go where others have to stop..... and offers solutions for corporate clients and government program support.

Contact information / Legal information.

You are calling from the Netherlands? Please use local number: 06-41755907. You are calling from outside the Netherlands? Please use international number: 0031-641755907.

In the Netherlands certain our investigative services are conducted by Dutch licensed, including: Ministry of Justice POB 798 - Personal Data Security College m 1315498 - Camber of Commerce 27267615.