Recherchebureau BPI Crime Investigations heeft 40 jaar recherche ervaring! Mijn arbeidsveld is het uit- rechercheren én voorkomen van criminaliteit.

BPI Crime Investigations is a counter-terrorism expert specializing in criminal investigation and intelligence gathering, a specialist in his field who performed global assignments for the United States government, a veteran of the Special Forces specializing in solving crime isseus.

BPI Crime Investigations focus on the problem solving process that is criminal investigation and intelligence gathering, it is designed from the experience that criminal investigation, intelligence and special operations are not just a set of task skills but actually a set of thinking skills.
Trained thinking can be difficult, to become a skilled detective, intelligence officer ore a special operations professional, criminal investigation methods must be understood and developed until they are used for the investigative process.

BPI Crime Investigations has built a unique global network and capabilities and has access to highly trained former federal investigators and criminal intelligence experts. Special Forces veterans who have combined their military skills with the intelligence and crime investigations skills acquired within the U.S. government.

BPI Crime Investigations coorperates with police and armed forces, as well as embassies and their special agents arround the world, and is perfectly equipped to go through the process that is criminal investigation.

Aware of the need to change today's world...., BPI Crime Investigations is achieving success with projects commissioned by Crime Against Humanity Organizations and Médecins San frontères.

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