BPI Investigations offers Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Services, but also are certified Recherchebureau and Privé Detective.

Headquartered in the historical center of The Hague, consist BPI Investigations an highly specialist team of Federal Investigators and Intelligence Experts, with knowledge and experience in Crime Investigations and Intelligence Reconnaissance.
BPI Investigations consists also Special Forces Veterans: Commando, who working globally and disciplined.

BPI Investigations offers Crime Investigation and Intelligence Services, Recherchebureau & Privé Detective services, and treats every assignment with the same degree of dedication and professionalism aswell in the Netherlands as Worldwide. We work with private and corporate clients globally.

BPI Investigations have a policy of not subcontracting, instead preferring to keep task within our group of trusted personnel. Discretion and confidentiality are the core of everything we do.
With offices globally, our selective team of expert personnel is perfectly-equipped to find efficient solutions for both private and corporate clients.

BPI Investigations consist a multilingual, international and mixed-gender team of highly traind and equipped Investigators, Intelligence Experts and Commando Veterans. We offer confidential advice to our clients and provide full transperancy on our wide range of Investigation and Intelligence services. Each case is carried out with maximum professionalism and discretion.

BPI Investigations offer a range of services to get to the truth of any situation..., and go to the extra mile to understand your problem and achieve the result that you are aiming for, or provide with reliable information you need to help make informed decisions.

BPI Investigations are approved expert in the industry. Our reputation for closing cases with a high succes rate is gained from gathering evidence in the correct manner and by always putting the needs of the client first.

Interested in our service: Please call our international phone number: +31 (0) 641 755 907