Beyond borders and disciplines continues BPI Special Investigations where Recherchebureau and Detective, deu to legal restrictions, have stop

Headquartered in the historical center of The Hague, consist BPI Special Investigations an highly specialist team of Federal Investigators, Intelligence Experts and Commando Veterans, working beyond borders and disciplines.
Tracing criminal groups globally, securing and analysis evidence, and assist in legal proceedings is what we do, and requires an conglomerate of expertise and skills. BPI Special Investigations is designed around this model.

BPI Special Investigations provide specialist expertise and skills, to support Criminal Intelligence and Crime Investigations, serving as trusted advisor.
Highly specialist expertise and skills is what we offer... By using the international expertise from BPI Special Investigations, an adequate response can be found with the constant threat, wich is manifested by criminal, terrorist and political religious, social or environmental-inspired violent activities.

United We Conguer

BPI Special Investigations offers an CEO with 38 years' serving combination within the Special Forces, and U.S. Government Criminal Intelligence and Crime Investigations Services. With five separate careers, each one building on expertise developed in the previous assignment, he always been challenged to think and work at the most sophisticated levels.

BPI Special Investigations consist Veterans from the Commandos, Intelligence Experts and former Federal Investigators. These ordinary people who do extraordinary things, are well-known specialists in the field of Intelligence and Investigation. They are intellectually curious, have wide-ranging and surprising interests and knowledge. They also have the highest ethical and peronal standards. BPI Special Investigations is proud to work witch such impressive people.

Interested in our service: Please call our international phone number: +31 (0) 641 755 907